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Hainan Wantai Company Party branch to carry out "July 1" theme Party day activities

Release time: 2020-07-24 Page Views: 7072

To solemnly commemorate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the party,Relive the glorious history of the Party,Inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style of work of the Party,Strengthen the cohesion and combat effectiveness of party branches,On the afternoon of July 1st,The Party branch of Hainan Wantai Company organized party members and activists to carry out Party Day activities in Lingao Jiao Liberation Park,Remember the revolutionary martyrs,Renew the pledge to join the party,Receive education in revolutionary traditions,Review the Party's revolutionary course and its original mission,Further temper the political character of party members。

Under the hot sun, we revisited the oath of joining the Party in front of the monument to the martyrs of Liberation of Hainan, sang red songs, looked at the list of landing martyrs, and deeply felt the surging passion and noble spirit of revolutionary martyrs。

In the activity,Everyone said: Wantai people are the front-line workers involved in urban construction,Every Party member should play an exemplary and pioneering role,Firmly grasp the project construction,Remember the original intention of serving the people,Truly transform the achievements of Party day education into practical work,Create more boutique,Let the people enjoy a greater sense of happiness and security。”