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Hainan Wantai Company Party branch to carry out "do not forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission" theme education activities

Release time: 2020-06-03 PageViews: 7328
  On October 18, 2019, the Party branch of Hainan Wantai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. carried out the theme education activity of "Do not forget the original heart, remember the mission". The meeting was chaired by Zhang Xiaoyun, the Party secretary, and all Party members, development objects and party membership activists participated in the meeting。
  First, Comrade Zhang Xiaoyun, secretary of the Party branch, combined with the company's actual conversation on the theme of "do not forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission"。
  1, the original intention of the enterprise is to adhere to the development under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, for individuals, our original intention is to do their own work well。
  2, "Do not forget the original heart, do not forget the heart of responsibility"。Each of our employees must be responsible for their own positions, serious work can only do things right, work hard to do things well。
  3, "Do not forget the original heart, do not forget the heart of responsibility"。In the actual work of party members and cadres, we must dare to take on, have the courage to take on, be good and take on, really manage really strict, dare to manage and be strict, long and strict, and cannot be left unchecked。
  4, "do not forget the original heart, do not forget the enterprising heart"。Every employee should continue to learn at work, actively participate in the training activities organized by the company, and constantly improve their professional ability。
  Second, Comrade Zhang Haojie on "How young Party members play a progressive role in enterprises"。
  1, young party members play the role of advancement in the development of enterprises。
  Young party members are young and active in thinking, energetic, enthusiastic, and full of energy to face various tasks and tasks, and influence the surrounding masses with sufficient effort and practical action。
  2. Problems existing in the advanced nature of young Party members。
  Some young party members' ideological learning is not conscious enough, resulting in a strong sense of party spirit, inaccurate self-positioning in the work position, not obvious goal awareness, and can not form a good self-career planning。
  3. How do young Party members play an advanced role in the development of enterprises with practical actions。
  (1) Strengthen ideological education and study, and arm yourself with correct ideas。
  (2) Earnestly learn professional skills and improve comprehensive quality。
  (3) Correct attitude and work steadily, pioneering and innovating to continuously improve work efficiency
  4) Enhance the overall picture。
  Third, the party activist Huang Xingzhuo shared the "70th anniversary of the National Day parade" experience。
  After watching the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, I felt that today's Chinese society is becoming stronger and stronger under the leadership of the Communist Party of China。Combined with their own experience to talk about "do not forget the original heart and remember the mission", and strive to improve their work and learning ability, and strive to join the Communist Party of China as soon as possible。
  Four, invited old party members put forward two hopes。
  1. "I hope young party members can learn more and be politically knowledgeable"。学习党章、学习习近平总书记十八大以来重要讲话精神、习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想、重温入党誓词等,思想上与党组织高度一致。
  2. "I hope young party members can practice more and be useful people in building socialism"。Based on their own work, give play to the vanguard role of party members, establish long aspirations, do not often aspire。We should have a sense of innovation and the spirit of craftsmanship, so that "people have no I, people have my new, people have my new excellent, people have my special", and put into work with the attitude of the protagonist。
  Fifth, the future work of the Party branch。
  1. Organize party building activities and strive to be the advanced party branch of the same industry party organization in Hainan;
  2. Strengthen position construction and provide strong support for future party building work;
  3, strengthen contact with the superior Party branch, report on the work of the party branch, and strive for party member indicators。